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We are looking for energetic,motivated English teachers to teach kindergarten kids in Xiamen.
You will join our academic team toge
ther to deliver high quality English
lessons and academic services to our students.
This is a great opportunity to diversify both your teaching and life experience with the most-trusted education centre in the city.

1. Requirement:
a. Major in English,English Education,Applied Linguistics or relevant area.
b. Excellent communicative skills in both oral and written English.
c. Enjoy being with kids and passionate about education and culture industry.
d. Availability for working evenings and weekends.

2. Description:
a. Preparing and delivering decent lessons.
b. Correcting, recording and administering the results of quizzes, tests, assessments and progress report for students.
c. Communicating students' progress and action plans with parents via phone and parent-teacher meeting.
d. Assisting in the placement testing and interviewing for new students enrollment.
e. Carrying out academic events including demo lessons, parent academy and life clubs.
f. Coordinating with other departments to maintain effective relations.
g. Attending teacher training presentations and workshops for own development. 


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